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Cake Mania Celebrity Chef app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3782 ratings )
Games Entertainment Puzzle Strategy
Developer: GameHouse
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 20 Sep 2009
App size: 21.15 Mb

Join Jill Evans and her friends for fast-paced, frosted fun on the newest reality series in Cake Mania Celebrity Chef!


Jills delicious cakes have become so popular that shes been invited to appear on Cake Mania Celebrity Chef, a culinary competition taking place in exotic locations around the globe! Help Jill bake her way to the top by whipping up cakes for her quirky customers in more than 50 exciting levels. Stack, serve, and catch cakes in three all-new mini-games and climb to the top of the Cake-o-Meter by completing fun milestones.

The Cake Mania series has been played by millions of casual gamers, and critics love it too: Pocket Gamer gave the original iPhone and iPod touch version an 8 out 10, and IGN called it "impressive." Now Jill Evans is back and ready for the bright lights in this all-new chapter in the smash hit.

Do you have the swift strategy and fast fingers it will take to help Jill earn the title "Cake Baker Champion"?

Find out in Cake Mania Celebrity Chef! Play the latest chapter of this hit series today!


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Pros and cons of Cake Mania Celebrity Chef app for iPhone and iPad

Cake Mania Celebrity Chef app good for

I just got this game on my iPhone and played it and it was cute and really addicting I think its a good deal for $0.99 before the price goes up
I just simply cant stop playing. I have cake mania on virtually every console out there (DS, PC, Wii, iTouch). This is just my kind of game that make me forget about my stressful day!!! Dont wait and buy with confidence!!!
Awesome game!!!!!! Though, i wish u it could have more upgrades
this game very fun every people stop nag. sorry dont know english good I sorry for that get game its very good you will like I guarantee worth ninety nine dollars
Just what the subject says. Game is really simple but a lot of fun!
Its over all pretty good. Some touch screen games are frustrating because its hard to click on things but the game makers made it easy to click on all things. Some of the higher level mini games are almost impossible to win but you can just move on without winning them to the next part. Winning mini games wins you up grades but if you are good at time management you dont even need any upgrades to win. They just make it easier. Recommended to get! But doesnt take long to win.

Some bad moments

Game itself is good. Mini games into the story are new, but the option to toggle tilt on/off doesnt change. The tilt calibration is also not working properly. An update is badly needed!
Especially cake catching mini game. Calibration is awful and tilt option does not work.
The tilt doesnt work properly & u can only carry one thing at a time which is annoying. The mini games are ok.
Cant get arm/plate to move so stuck at this level...anyone else have this problem?
Wish you could play without mini games as cake making is the best part, miss saving up to buy upgrades. A downgrade. Play Cake Mania 3 instead.
Got stuck on the plate games until realized I can skip it but then no upgrades:( Play cake mania 3 its better! This one is too short...